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Friday, June 8, 2018

Blessed Be the Tie that Binds

We just celebrated Mother's Day here in the United States. It's always been our family custom, whenever possible, to attend church with Mom on that Sunday. My daughter snapped a picture of my 84-year-old mom standing beside another lady that she has known since she was a young girl. The two of them have attended the same church together for over 70 years.

I guess I was focused on their smiling faces and didn't notice until my daughter pointed out to me that they were holding hands. It was so sweet. What a treasure to have such a lasting friendship! They have endured the loss of many family members and friends, but thankfully, still have the comfort of a familiar friend. I couldn't help imagining all the joys and trials they have shared together through the years. Probably enough to write a book about. Hmmm.. stay tuned, I might do just that.

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