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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Onboard Noah's Ark

A funny thing happened on my recent visit to The Ark Encounter near Lexington, Kentucky. Among  thousands of like-minded tourists, my husband and I marveled at this beautiful life-sized replica. The unusual flowers and shrubs adorning the entrance to this amazing theme park delighted us. We were dazzled by the scientific explanations that demonstrated why the Biblical account is correct.
We thought it prudent to stand a safe distance away from the camel-riders and zip-liners. But we had no problem getting up close and personal at Emzara's bountiful buffet.
There were three full stories,75,000 square feet of the ark, containing enchanting illustrations of antediluvian life. These included remarkable animated figures of Noah and his family. They answered questions from visitors as their eyes and heads moved naturally. The crowd was astonished at how realistic they were
. It was however, one of the last exhibits that really caught me by surprise. We entered an area restricted by ropes, doors and guardians. Posters cautioned us not to use flash cameras. The ancient documents and exhibits we were about to view were subject to be damaged by modern technology. Carefully and with a sense of awe, we stepped back into history, viewing artifacts such as Hudson Taylor's desk, chair and Bible.There were many other antique Bibles on display, including one excerpt written in stone. Standing in front of this ancient tablet, my eyes inexplicably filled with tears. I experienced a totally unexpected and powerful connection linking me to this Word. Much like E.T. who was 3 million light years from home, I felt my heart light up at this lifeline to my Creator.
 I found out later this was a Papyrus from 200 AD and that it contained Psalm 26. I could not have read it had my eyes not been blinded by tears. I'm not educated enough to know if the markings were Hebrew or hieroglyphic. But I echoed David's sentiment in the last line of this Psalm; standing on His timeless word, my feet are on level ground.

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