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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

      The focus of this week's Corona virus effect took me a bit by surprise. I was in a position to overhear two very suave, macho young men conversing about the effects of impending infection and possible deaths from this virus. Their conversation opened with them joking about the women they had known, as they referred laughingly to their "type." It was obvious that they had connected with these women on a very superficial, temporary level, of which they seemed rather proud. 

 I was fairly shocked to hear the younger of the two men speak of the way their lives were changing with the possibility of disaster looming. He shared that he had been bothered by the memory of a rift between him and a family member. As he rehearsed the painful episode that happened several years ago, he realized that the issue between them had not been as bad as he had then supposed. "With the sobering thought that we may never see each other again, I'm feeling like I need to call him and make amends as soon as possible. What if one of us became infected and died, without making a reconciliation?" 

 He then admitted there had been many times this person had come to his mind. He had thought often of how he missed their times together, but he didn't want to be the first one to admit that he felt this way. Furthermore, he didn't feel he should be the one to make the first move to restore the relationship.  Now, possibly standing on the precipice of eternity, he realized just how frivolous their disagreement had been. He also confessed that he now felt foolish for continuing to hold a grudge.He confessed that they were so much alike. Both of them had been too stubborn to pick up the phone and make the first move.

 Just before they parted, this man confided that he was ready to make that long overdue call. He admitted that everything looked different standing in this new reality; facing the fact of  finality was definitely sobering. He even felt that it was time to grow up a bit and re-evaluate his priorities. Was the way he was living right now the way he wanted to die? After all, he could not avoid the grim, daily reminder that life is very fragile and fleeting. 

I had to leave before their exchange ended but I hoped the young man would follow through. I felt encouraged that he was grasping the concept expressed by King David, "So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." Psalms 90:12. 

Perhaps we should live every day as if it could be our very last day. Then when that last day comes, we would have no regrets.We would not find that we have left the most important things undone.


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