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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

What Are You Looking at?

Sorry that I haven't been more diligent about posting here. I've taken a course on time management but looks like I need to take it again. Now if I could just manage to find the time…

I made this observation a few months ago, mid-Spring.

Driving down the road this morning, the weather is 57 degrees, which I recently read is the perfect temperature for mental well-being. The sun is shining, the blue skies are decorated with wispy white clouds. Yellow honeysuckle is in bloom and the tulip trees are ablaze with purples and pinks. The grass tentatively spikes skyward after winter's blast. Beauty on display, as if presenting me a reward for enduring the cold, wet winter.
Several thousand people join me on the highway, heading to who-knows-where. Police cars and ambulances whiz by, engaged in life and death struggles. Amidst this grand stage, a young lady is standing beside the road, waiting for her school bus. She is smiling into her cell phone. Oblivious to the drama and the splendor, all she sees is her face in the glass. The bus could hit her and I don't think she would notice.
 Will history remember us as the narcissistic generation? While life is whirling by, we are totally focused on a thumbnail portrait of our own faces. Not to burst anyone's bubble but the universe really doesn't revolve around you. Or me either.
Her tunnel vision reminds me to check my bearings and re-evaluate my vision. Reminds me of three words I learned in grammar school; stop, look, listen. We were created to live in community. There is a place for me in this world but I will never find it looking in the mirror.

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