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Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Tsunami is Coming

Coming soon to a church (or home or school) near you!! Charisma magazine is calling the revival at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (along with several other recent and current revivals) the infancy of the Third Great Awakening. This Army base has seen over 2,000 saved since March. (My granddaughter was there!!) Having attended the Brownsville Revival in the 90s, I can attest to the fact that being in a place where the Presence of God is so powerful will “wreck” you. (Modern converts use this term to describe a radical follower, one who no longer cares about their plans or temporary pursuits but sells out completely to whatever God wants them to do. They know now why they are given life and what they are here to do. They don't wander and search for fulfillment, having found the Most High) I witnessed a sophisticated, wealthy lady come into this Presence with a decade long history of disabling depression. She was overcome by joy and laughed for over an hour. Her friends told us she had not smiled in years. You can't watch someone laugh that long without being affected and soon about 30 people (including me, although I tried to restrain it) sitting near her were also laughing...and laughing and laughing, The service ended but she could not stand unassisted. Last I saw of her, her friends held her up as she hung onto the porch railing, still laughing. They said God was using joy to wash away her depression. We saw people standing in line for hours to get into the church service.
I heard the testimony of a high school senior who was so zealous for God that he prayed and witnessed to his classmates at school and the entire class was saved before the year ended. Saw children so full of the Spirit that when they spoke, folks asked (as they did of Jesus in the temple) How do you, not even being a teenager, know these great truths?
When revival comes, nobody cares about skin color. The Spirit reveals the only color that matters: that of the heart. Money flows into the church and out to the needy. Folks lose their concern for anything that is not of eternal significance. The news media sets up cameras to record the daily miracles (not a fantasy; I saw this happen) Instead of competing, churches complete each other, standing together as a mighty army. The Word says the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. His glory has covered the earth since day one but this Awakening is going to reveal it; the world will know. (remember that you are made of earth-I pray Lord let your glory cover me) Lord let it wash over this country from coast to coast like a tsunami. Let the whole earth see your glory and let it begin with me.

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